Danau yang Memukau

Danau Danau Nan Memukau

Danau … Adalah kubangan air tawar besar didaratan. jika kubangan besar ini tidak tawar/kadar garamnya tinggi, maka biasanya dia disebut lautan ….
Inilah Danau-danau Nan Memukau di Dunia ..

The Eden of that Dim Lake

This is “Morskie Oko”, the largest and fourth deepest lake of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. It is situated in the Rybi Potok Valley, at the base of the Mięguszowiecki Summits, and deep within the Tatra National Park. A beautiful place

Moraine Lake

Fed by glaciers, Moraine Lake, locate in Banff National Park, is known for its stunning blue waters. The coloration is thanks to light refracting off the glacier flour. Located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is surrounded by the beauty of the impressive Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Grinnell Lake
Reflection in Saif-ul-Malook Lake
Wast Water

is in the Western Lake District, one of the most remote of the lakes. Wast Water is set in stunning surroundings, with the screes which slope down to the water and on into the depths of the lake on it’s Eastern shores, and the tallest mountains in England – Scafell 964m(3162ft), Scafell Pike 978m(3210ft), Lingmell807m(2649ft) and Great Gable 899m(2949ft). Wast Water is the deepest lake in England at 79m (258ft) and the bottom is over 50ft below sea level. The length of Wastwater is 4.88km (3.08 miles) and it is 0.78km (0.48 miles) wide.

Bachalpsee, Swiss
Rush Lake (4700m) – Highest in Pakistan

Rush Lake (4700m) near Hunza, in Karakoram Range, is the highest lake in PAKISTAN

Sparks Lake, Oregon

The Jiuzhaigou Valley of China is home to dozens of blue, green and turquoise-colored lakes. The local people call these bodies of water “Haizi,” which in Chinese means “son of the sea.” The numerous colorful lakes were created by glacier activity, and today, many waterfalls empty into these pristine waters. The beautifully colored water is also known to be extremely clear, in many cases visitors are able to see to the bottom of the lakes.

Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki in New Zealand gives the color “glacier blue” a whole new meaning. The colorful lake was created by receding glaciers decades ago. Today, that glacier feed produces finely ground rock particles, known as glacier flour, that give the lake a distinct icy blue color. Lake Pukaki is the second largest alpine lake in the Mackenzie Basin, located in New Zealand’s South Island.

Mono Lake

This is the South Tufa area at Mono Lake, These spires and knobs are made from calcium-carbonate formed by the interaction of freshwater springs and alkaline lake water.

Kinney Lake

Kinney Lake is located in Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada. The lake can be reached by following the Berg Lake hiking trail for 4.2 kilometres.

Laguna Verde

The Laguna Verde, a salt water lake, is located in the southwest of the high plains of Bolivia. For those of you who speak Spanish, it will be no surprise to you that the waters of the Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) are an amazing shade of green. Situated at the foot of the Licancabur Volcano, the beautiful green hue is caused by debris that includes copper deposits. The colored lake is also known for its beautiful surroundings and hot springs

Plitvice Lakes

Located in a national park in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes are sixteen lakes that are located near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beautiful lakes are famous for their unique colors, including azure, green, blue, and gray. The lakes’ colorations changes consistently, depending on the quantity of minerals, deposits, or organism in each body, or how the sun is hitting the water.

Band-e Amir

Band-e Amir is a chain of 6 deep blue lakes located high in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Central Afghanistan. They became Afghanistan’s first national park in 2008. The beautiful lakes were formed from mineral rich water that seeped out of faults and cracks in the rocky landscape. The high mineral content of the lakes are also the cause for the intense and varying colors of the lake waters.

Laguna Colorada

The Laguna Colorada is located in Bolivia close to the border of Chili. The reddish color of the waters is thanks to red sediments and the pigmentation of algae. Other than the red waters, the Laguna Colorada is also home to many varieties of flamingos and a number of white borax islands. Borax islands are formed by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes, like the Laguna Colorada.

Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise) Lake, Tibet
Yamdrok Tso ( Turquoise lake ) is about 4500m above sea level
Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise) Lake, Tibet

This photo was taken in april 2000. After building a dam for the hydroelectric power station, this landscape doesn’t exist anymore. Yamdrok Tso ( Turquoise lake ) is about 4500m above sea level, and is one of the lakes on the highest altitude.

Baikal Lake
Danau Baikal (musim Dingin)
Black Lake, Pass of Dunloe

The Gap of Dunloe (Irish: Bearna an Choimín) is a narrow pass between Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and the Purple Mountains near Killarney, Ireland. It begins at Kate Kearney’s Cottage and ends with a descent into The Black Valley, a distance of approximately 11 km (7 miles). As one travels through the Gap from Kate Kearney’s, five small lakes are passed: Coosaun Lough, Black Lake, Cushnavally Lake, Auger Lake, and Black Lough in turn These lakes are connected by the River Loe from which the gap gets its name.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, in Ontonagon, Michigan
Danau Toba Sumatera Utara
Danau Sentani Papua
Danau Singkarak Sumatera Barat
Danau Batur
Twin Lake

A magnificent view of Bali can be seen from Gobleg village which located in the upper area of the of Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan. As you stand in looking down you will see the shimmering lakes reflecting the sun light.
Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan are just like twin with their natural beauty and charm. The natural condition is quite well cared, regarding the using of no motored-boat, just a “Jukung” (Balinese traditional fishing boat) on those two lakes.
Apart from enjoying the scenery, the area of the lakes is an ideal place for trekking, bird watching, and camping.


The Kelimutu Volcano contains three summit crater lakes of different colors. Tiwu Ata Mbupu is usually blue; Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is normally green; and Tiwu Ata Polo is usually a reddish hue. The source of the unique color combination is thought to be openings in the earth’s crust, known as fumaroles. The beautiful lakes are a popular tourist attraction, and also attract many geologists on a yearly basis. The fact that the three lakes are all different colors, yet are located on the same volcano crest, is a source of much debate and interest.

Danau Bratan, Bali
Danau Maninjau Sumatera Barat
Danau Gunung Tujuh
Situ Patenggang
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